Understanding Your Child Video Course

If you are living with children who are whiny, uncooperative, argue or refuse to do something when you ask them to, then this course is for you.  If you are happy in your relationship with your children, this course is still for you, because those relationships can always be better.

This course consists of eleven videos that are designed to help you improve your relationship with your children.  There is an accompanying script as well as downloads that go along with the course.  In the course

   * you will learn why it is so difficult to discipline children in today's world. 

   * you will gain a greater understanding of what motivates your children both to behave and to misbehave.

   * you will learn how to diagnose the reasons for children's misbehavior. 

   * you will also learn how to redirect children to become more cooperative and to behave more appropriately.

When you take this course and apply what you have learned, you will find that you will really enjoy your children, as it was meant to be. 


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